Saturday, July 10, 2010

Nettai Tropical Jazz Big Band - Redux

We have previously noted on these pages that not everyone is a fan of Latin Jazz. However, the editorial staff at JazzProfiles seems to love having some of the stuff around so it reworked its tribute to the Nettai Tropical Jazz Big Band using additional images and substituting as an audio track, a live performance of Hideaki Nakaji's Obatala. This alternative version retains the marvelous call-and-response segment between the brass and "vocal" choirs [the response is sung by the rhythm section] which can be heard at 4:01 minutes, just after the soprano sax solo by Kazuhiko Kondo and just before the trombone solo by the tune's composer, Hideaki Nakaji.  We hope you enjoy more of the best in Latin Big Band Jazz from ...Tokyo, Japan!